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August 10, 2010 » Taking Advantage of YouTube Provides More Exposure and More Communication to Patients

Companies that are putting videos on their websites should consider posting them to YouTube to gain more visibility. YouTube is a force of the future and can be used as a highly effective marketing tool for companies looking to expand their audience base.  As interactive media expands, companies can make use out of popular web-based outlets to better reach and inform their audiences while positioning themselves to meet their needs in this growing digital world.

In an age that prides itself on learning more through interaction and less through reading, YouTube provides users with a plethora of health information that may or may not be the most accurate, but where your video falls in line depends on you and how much effort and creativity you put into it.

According to a BBC News release , YouTube videos account for 60% of all videos watched online, so while placing a video on your website may give you an edge among the targeted few, posting it on YouTube makes it available to the interested many surfing YouTube channels.

YouTube, according to, is rated the third most visited website on the internet, falling right below Facebook and Google.  In 2008, YouTube surpassed Yahoo as the worlds #2 search engine.  Ensuring broad visibility of your video, YouTube provides Marketers with the capability to reach global audiences cost free.  With time and effort–because nothing worth looking at is created in mere minutes–YouTube can become not just a platform to another digital outlet, but can also serve broader purposes in your marketing campaign.  It becomes a powerful channel to those marketers striving to build awareness, allowing them to reach patients and HCP’s where they are online.

Pharma companies have just begun chomping at the bit when it comes to YouTube.  Those that have taken the initiative include Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis and Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals.  Johnson & Johnson, a dominant force in social media, has taken its content one step further by creating its own YouTube channel.  J&J’s channel presently has 2,706 subscribers and total upload views surpassing 2 million.  In comparison, the Novartis channel has 361 subscribers and over 57,000 views.  So why is there such an expansive difference between these two companies’ channels?  There could be a number of reasons but it may simply come down to the content, the flashiness of the site, and its entertainment value.  Many company channels and videos also post patient testimonials among their commercials and news updates giving audiences a handful of material to look at. 

YouTube has not yet reached its peak as the prevailing social media tool in the Pharma industry, but its simple setup and broad visibility represents itself as a prominent tool for growth and expansion.

So why not start today? Facing the unknown can always be a bit intimidating but with resources from helpful sites like and, the ability to create and upload will be easier than you think and the benefits will surly outweigh the hassles.


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Rob Halper says:
Aug 15, 2010

Thanks for the mention and the helpful article. I don’t have an answer about Novartis, other than to say it’s an excellent channel, and started a year after ours did. I also don’t know how or how much they are promoting it. It seems to be a brand channel, as opposed to ours, which is more integrated into the You Tube community, and though I can’t see how many uploads they have, I don’t think they approach our over 350. Fresh content is very important. In any case, I definitely see You Tube, and on line health videos in general, playing an increased role in disseminating information to, and between, health care consumers. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss further.


Rob Halper says:
Aug 16, 2010

Thought I posted a comment, but don’t see it! I run the J&J health channel on You Tube. Thanks for the mention and the informative article! I can’t explain the difference between the J&J health channel and Novartis, other than to say that we’ve been up a year longer and have a larger quantity of videos. I think the Novartis channel is excellent, but I don’t know how, and if , they are promoting it. It’s a fully branded channel, which to some extent limits the amount of interactivity, and I think it’s important to continually refresh with new content. I’d be happy to speak to you in greater detail, if you’d like to contact me at


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