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February 5, 2010 » YouTube Killed the Television Star

The audience for online video is proving itself insatiable, offering opportunities for sharing and connection on a global level previously unimaginable.

With viewers “tuning in” to watch video online, the consumption of broadcast content will continue to morph dramatically. Pepsi opted to skip advertising in the the most widely-viewed sports events to focus on social media efforts. Soon, Hulu could become more of a threat to traditional television than DVRs. Some companies continue to use long-form video, such as GlaxoSmithKline and the Alli-themed documentary, but brief, serial clips may yield an advantage for continued engagement.

In pharma, the opportunity is yet to be fully seized. Nearly half of online physicians in Western Europe reported watching Web videos for professional purposes. At the FDA social media hearing, we learned physicians watched instructional videos online the night before performing an orthopedic surgical procedure. And this doesn’t change translating from professionals to consumers. Video can be extremely effective in communicating with patients and caregivers beyond simple text. Video can communicate complex ideas, such as mechanism of action, more easily than the written word. Patients telling their own stories in their own words yields greater emotional engagement. And, very often it becomes viral.

This should encourage brand managers to recognize the unique benefits of video and leverage these assets online – whether on corporate, unbranded or products sites, or shared on social media channels.


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