Our Team

Compass Healthcare Marketers® (Compass) is a collective of pioneering, insightful, and spirited individuals. Together we have extensive healthcare marketing experience and the passion to create ideas that make a difference in people's lives.

At different points in each of our lives, we have been either a patient or a caregiver—so we know what it’s like. We are motivated by these experiences and by the courage and commitment of patients—they drive our passion.


Our mission is to positively impact the life of every engaged patient.

Our culture is based on 4 core values.

True north
Honesty. Integrity. Trust.

Quality. Commitment. Accountability.

Opportunistic. Innovative. Adaptable.

Career-focused. Recognized. Rewarded.

Peter H. Nalen


Senior consumer marketing manager turned rare disease thought leader and agency visionary. Passionate about patients. Inspired by technology. Not afraid to lead the way.

Paul Johnson

EVP of Client Services

A driving force in pharmaceutical marketing with a deep commitment to delivering the smartest business solutions and the highest level of customer service. Was a client. Knows the business. Is fixated on results.

Brad Aufderheide

VP, Strategic Solutions

A student of human psychology and behavior with proven ability to transform insights and behaviors into practical business strategies. Dives deep. Finds the gems. Motivates actions that activate sales.

Sandi Bryant

Creative Director

A creative powerhouse who is out to show the world just how valuable insight-driven patient and HCP campaigns and programs can be. Award winning. Lives for brand launches. Deadline driven.

Lisa Huff-Morales

Director, Finance Controller

Ensures that all agency finances are as well-managed as they are strategically sound. Finds truth in numbers. Keeps us on budget. Expert problem solver.

Steph Maier

Director, Internal Operations

Oversees all human resources and office matters to keep us running happily and smoothly. Recruits the best. Supports us all. Materializes our core values.

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