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Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) Services

Today’s marketer can not underestimate the value of a well-designed database. This is especially true for marketers of brands that treat serious or chronic conditions. Whether your relationship marketing plans are big or small, Compass ensures that each program provides the right level of communication and support, is delivered at the right time to the right segment, and moves patient and specialist targets along specific behavioral pathways, supporting and strengthening relationships with each segment along the way.

Engaging with your customers begins with a database design that’s well thought out and anticipates future communication needs. Effective engagement also requires ongoing, tailored messaging to each segment of your target audience across multiple touch points and channels. It takes the right combination of Webinars, eMails, newsletters, direct mail, starter kits, text messages, or even phone conversations to get patients through their first month of therapy or motivate a physician to try therapy with a new patient type.

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To develop a meaningful and actionable CRM strategy, Compass begins with a careful analysis of the marketplace. By gathering and assessing information on audience insights and preferences, we are able to establish a baseline that will inform your new CRM marketing effort. We then determine your audience segments, defining relevant drivers, preferred communication vehicles, barriers, communication goals, and calls to action for each identified segment. Finally, we develop a frequency communication chart, editorial plan and measurement brief to establish how your CRM program will roll out and how its success will be measured.

Database Services

Having a database that meets your relationship marketing goals is key to delivering customized communications to each specific audience segment. Successful and strong relationships can only be attained when the database can continually "learn" and react over time. At Compass, we gather and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your existing data, develop initiatives to acquire new data as needed, and integrate these data into a combined repository. We then develop segmentation and communication tools as well as tactics that move each user along the desired behavior continuum. Finally we design the database to acquire and decipher incoming information—eMails opened, poll questions answered, site pages visited, rep observations—so the database continually learns where each target is on the behavioral continuum and what is required to move them further along. At all times, we track user behavior, preferences, and patterns to help identify program strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Patient Relationship Marketing

Our fully customized relationship marketing programs are designed to acquire, maintain, and develop customer relationships over time. We recognize that each of your customer segments has a channel of choice through which they would like to interact with your brand. Therefore, we design programs to be holistic in nature in order to ensure enrollment, adoption, and, ultimately, brand success.